Amperio electrifies Oensingen

Amperio electrifies Oensingen with the installation of energy rails and Flexbus.

In 2023, Amperio met the needs of an industrial customer in Oensingem. The project, centered on the installation of energy rails and Flexbus, saw the implementation of innovative solutions to power industrial machinery efficiently and sustainably.

Amperio played a crucial role throughout the process, from the initial study to the installation proposal, right through to the implementation of the solution. The expertise of the Amperio team was put to good use in designing a tailor-made installation that precisely met the energy requirements of the industrial machine in question. The team’s professionalism and commitment ensured that every stage of the project was carried out with efficiency and precision.

High-current electrical energy transport and distribution

The transport and distribution of high-current electrical energy is achieved by paralleling several large cross-section cables. Installing these cables in buildings requires the extensive use of cable trays, cable ladders, cable trays, etc. The implementation of the cables (minimum bending angle to be respected, fixing of floor channels, connection, calculation of distances between cables for heat dissipation, adjustment of length differences, etc.) is time-consuming and therefore more costly.
Despite all the difficulties and expense mentioned above, the result is not sufficiently efficient. For example, you can’t get as much energy from as many places as you’d like.

Busbar systems

In order to eliminate the above-mentioned disadvantages, the modern CEP Prefabricated Electrical Raceway System (BUSBARSYSTEM) was developed. EAE partner Amperio sells EAE E-LINE KX (BUSBAR SYSTEM) products from 25A to 6300A. The high-tech, modular structure of the CEP E-LINE KX provides users with :
– secure energy supply, wherever they want it, using tap-off boxes
– easy, efficient planning
– rapid installation
– improved heat dissipation automatic length adjustment

Amperio therefore proposed EAE KX Line Plug-in power rails to the customer.
The power rail system is a modular electrical transmission and distribution system created by insulating the current-carrying medium, which consists of aluminum or copper busbar conductors placed in a closed body. Thanks to their special design, voltage drop is minimal. With an installation length of 250 meters and a capacity of 2000 A, these rails have been specifically chosen to supply essential industrial machinery on site. EAE technology ensures a reliable power supply, meeting the industry’s most demanding requirements.


Amperio has also integrated the Flexbus from its partner nVent ERIFLEX, an innovative, patented solution for connecting electrical equipment, certified S+ by ESTI. Thanks to its unique concept, nVent ERIFLEX FleXbus offers an alternative power connection solution to cables. In fact, with ULTRA flexible braid, the conductor can have a cross-section of up to 1800mm2 for 1 conductor. This innovative connection optimizes the management of electrical flows, offering greater flexibility in powering the industrial machine, and saves space by using just one conductor per phase. The installation of Flexbus has helped to improve energy efficiency and create an intelligent, adaptable electrical system.

with Amperio Team on this project

Amperio’s project in Oensingem in 2023 has demonstrated the company’s commitment to innovation and the provision of cutting-edge electrotechnical solutions. This project is a concrete example of Amperio’s ability to transform energy challenges into sustainable opportunities.
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