Hotel des Postes Geneva - Amperio

Amperio for Hôtel des Postes Geneva

Pierre Simon Electricité SA, general electrical contractor, has renewed its confidence in the Amperio team for an electrical project at the Hotel des Postes in Geneva.  

Amperio took charge of the installation of a flagship product from its partner EAE, the KX Line Busbar systems (630 A).

After drawing up a plan guaranteeing a tailor-made solution for the end customer, the installation of the 200 meters of KX Line energy rails was carried out by our team during 2023. 

E-Line KX Series Compact Busbar systems are used in horizontal and vertical energy distribution and transmission in Bolt-on (supply from the junctures) and Plug-in (from window points on the busbar housing and the junctures) types. In addition, they can be utilized at segments of factories and buildings where electrical outlets are not required for transmission purposes only. With its special design, a minimum voltage drop occurs.

The choice of the KX Line was based on the product’s proven performance and its ability to meet Pierre Simon Electricité SA’s strict standards. Efficient coordination and precise execution were the keys to this rapid success. 

This project represents the second successful partnership between Amperio and Pierre Simon Electricité SA.  Our commitment to excellence, quality and customer satisfaction is evident in every project we undertake.  

Hotel des Postes Geneva - Amperio
Hotel des Postes Geneva - Amperio
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