Amperio x Idorsia energy rails project

We recently showcased our expertise in electrotechnics through energy rails supply and installation at Idorsia, a prominent pharmaceutical laboratory nestled in Allschwil, within the canton of Basel, Switzerland. We offer robust and sustainable electrical infrastructure is paramount.

Energy distribution withing building

The intervention centered around the installation of energy rails, commonly referred to as Busbars, a vital component for efficient energy distribution within buildings. The specifications of the installed Busbars at Idorsia rated at 630A with a length spanning 65 meters. Such robust infrastructure not only ensures reliable electrical distribution but also underscores Amperio’s commitment to delivering durable, user-friendly, and eco-conscious solutions.

Busbars, or energy rails, as a cornerstone of electrical distribution systems, boast several key characteristics. Primarily, energy is channeled through insulated bars housed within a casing typically crafted from sheet metal or aluminum. This setup facilitates efficient distribution, aided by junction boxes strategically positioned along the length of the busbar system. These junction boxes enable safe connection and disconnection of additional equipment without interrupting power supply—a pivotal feature for maintaining operational continuity.

Busbar systems

One of the notable advantages of Busbar systems, exemplified by Amperio’s E-Line offerings, lies in their adaptability. Endowed with international testing certifications, E-Line busbars can be easily expanded, replaced, relocated, or repurposed whenever the need arises. This flexibility not only simplifies future modifications but also contributes to cost-effectiveness and safety. Extracting power from the system is a hassle-free endeavor, thanks to junction boxes placed at convenient intervals along the route.

Innovative technology

Amperio’s intervention at Idorsia exemplifies the fusion of precision engineering and practical sustainability. By implementing state-of-the-art Busbar technology, Amperio has not only enhanced the electrical infrastructure of a critical facility but has also exemplified its dedication to advancing eco-friendly solutions in the field of electrotechnics.
The collaboration between Amperio and Idorsia underscores the pivotal role of specialized firms in fortifying essential infrastructure. As industries evolve, the demand for efficient, adaptable, and sustainable solutions becomes increasingly pronounced. Through its expertise in Busbar technology and beyond, Amperio continues to spearhead innovation, setting a benchmark for excellence in electrotechnics.
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