Amperio x Schelling energy rails project

At Amperio, we are proud to announce the completion of a key project for Schelling, located in Rupperswil, Switzerland. Schelling, a specialist in the design and industrialization of packaging, needed a reliable, high-performance solution for the electrical connection of its buildings. Our team of electrical engineering experts successfully met this challenge.

Energy distribution - Materials

160 meters of 2000A – IP55 power rails: These power rails are designed to provide efficient and secure power distribution. With a capacity of 2000A and IP55 protection, they are ideal for demanding industrial environments like Schelling’s.

9-meter FleXbus: The FleXbus is a flexible power connection solution that enables quick and easy adaptation of electrical connections. Thanks to its modularity, it offers great flexibility to meet the specific needs of our customers.

Advantages of energy rails

The power rail is an electrical power distribution system distinguished by its robustness and ability to withstand high current intensities. Here are some of its key benefits:

Efficiency: Energy distribution without significant losses, ensuring optimum equipment performance.

Safety: IP55 protection guarantees resistance to dust and water splashes, essential in an industrial environment.

Modularity: Easy to install and modify, enabling rapid adaptation to changing industry needs.

The Flexbus solution

FleXbus is designed to offer great flexibility in connecting electrical equipment. It consists of conductive braids that enable different electrical elements to be connected flexibly and securely. Here’s why FleXbus is the solution of choice:

Adaptability: Allows varied configurations and easy installation, even in confined spaces.

Reliability: Ensures robust, long-lasting connections, minimizing the risk of electrical failure.

Space-saving: Thanks to its compact design, FleXbus saves significant space compared with traditional wiring systems.

This project at Schelling is a perfect illustration of our commitment to providing high-quality electrotechnical solutions. Thanks to the installation of 160 meters of 2000A – IP55 power rails and 9 meters of FleXbus, we have ensured a reliable, high-performance electrical connection for Schelling’s buildings. We are proud of the trust our customers place in us, and will continue to innovate to meet their needs.

Thanks to our dedicated team for their outstanding work and to Schelling for their collaboration!

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